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You've found out through home inspection that the new house you want to buy is high in radon... Or you are trying to sell your current home and the buyers found out you have high radon levels in your basement. The question your may be asking yourself is: What is Radon?

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas found in soils, rock, and water throughout the U.S. It is a breakdown product of radium, which itself is part of the breakdown product of uranium. Radon causes lung cancer, and is a threat to health because it tends to collect in today's tight energy efficient homes, sometimes to very high concentrations. As a result, radon is the largest source of exposure to naturally occurring radiation.

Radon is a heavy innert gas. It does not react easily to other things in the enviroment. Because it is heavy, it tends to collect in basements. This can be especially troublesome for many folks that have finish basement living areas in their home as people living in those areas are at risk. Radon has no color ordor or taste, so you will not know it is there just by being in the room where it lurks.

For your health, and the health of others it's better to know about a radon condition ,then to go about mindless of what is lurking in the home.





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